Hitler Upside Down features on TOI as an “experimental film”!

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Hitler Upside Down features on TOI as an “experimental film”!

A review of the TOI report about this film

A recent headline by TOI calling HUD an experimental film,

has caught the imaginations of our creators here at IMDC. Frankly there was nothing experimental about the film. It was as mundane as any mainstream film evry shot was. As we dug deeper, trying to decipher the exact meaning of calling the film such, we realised, it might have been our methods of making the film, that had seen experimental to them! 

Heres the full article from the TOI for all to read.

"He has portrayed ...

wide range of characters over the years. For Shantilal Mukhopadhyay portraying a ‘hatke’ role is no surprise. But the character he is about to play in an upcoming film is sure one of the toughest he has come across. The seasoned actor will be seen as Adolf Hitler in his upcoming ‘Hitler Upside Down’. Directed by Ilmaz Syed, the experimental film introduces one of the most notorious historical figures against a contemporary backdrop. The film has been shot entirely on iPhone and iPad in and around Singalila range."

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